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Best Driving Lessons in Henderson, West Auckland

If you are in West Auckland and you are looking for driving lessons, contact us at All West Driving Academy.

We offer driving lessons in dual control automatic cars for drivers of all abilities. This includes teenagers and those who are complete beginners as well as drivers who know the basics. We’ll teach the skills you need to effectively and safely drive a car on New Zealand’s roads.

We’ll also give you all the information you need to help you pass your test. Not only do our NZTA qualified driving coaches to know the roads here in West Auckland, but they also know driving test routes. This means you’ll be able to do driving test simulations before your test to ensure you are fully prepared.

We also offer driving lessons for more experienced drivers and those who already have a licence. This includes refresher lessons if you want to improve your driving skills, as well as lessons if you haven’t driven in a while or have lost your confidence. We can also help if you have an overseas licence and want to get it converted.

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Why Choose Us When Looking for a West Auckland Driving School?

If you are in West Auckland and are looking for a driving school, why should you choose us at All West Driving Academy? Here are five points that make us the ideal choice.

  1. Excellent Pass Rates

Most people looking for driving lessons  want to pass their driving test the first time to get a license. Therefore, it’s not surprising that pass rates are important. While everyone is different and everyone’s experience is varied when it comes to learning to drive, we achieve high pass rates because we adapt our training to each learner, helping them maximise their potential.

  1. Affordable Driving Lessons in West Auckland

Getting your license doesn’t have to be extortionately expensive. At All West Driving Academy, we keep the cost of our driving lessons affordable. We have package deals available that reduce costs as you go.

  1. Experienced Instructors

Our driving coaches have  extensive experience training new and more experienced drivers throughout the West Auckland area. They are also friendly and will do everything possible to make you feel at ease when driving while providing the expert instruction that you need.

  1. We’re Local

Whether you are in Westgate, Henderson, New Lynn, or anywhere else in the West Auckland region, it is best to choose a driver training school that knows the local area. This local knowledge means your instructor can make sure you are familiar with common test routes when you are out on driving lessons, enhancing your preparation. When you have the option, taking driving lessons in Henderson, Westgate, or wherever you are in West Auckland is the way to go.

  1. The Lessons You Need and No More

Our aim  at All West Driving Academy is to prepare you to the  stage where you can pass your test the first time . That means you won’t take unnecessary lessons when you choose us, keeping more money in your pocket. In other words, we are the driving coach  you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many driving lessons will I need?

Everybody is different when it comes to learning how to drive, so there is no set number of driving lessons you should take. What you should focus on is the practice you will need, with most experts recommending 100 hours of practice as a learner before you do the test. This comprises both driving and practice sessions..  The crucial part is to learn the skills and techniques you need while on your driving lessons and then practice them as much as possible yourself.

Where will my driving coach pick me up from?

At All West Driving Academy, our service is door to door. This means we can pick you up and drop you off wherever you are in the West Auckland area.

Do I need to pay for petrol?

No, petrol and all other costs are included in your lesson fee.

I already have a driving license. Can I do refresher lessons?

Yes, we have a lot of experience providing lessons to people who already have a driver’s license. We can refresh your knowledge and help to improve your skills and confidence on the road.

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Driving Instructor in West Auckland, Westgate, & New Lynn

If you have a query or want to make a booking for a lesson, complete the form or give us a call. We'll pick you up and drop you off at your location, and all our driving coaches are highly experienced. Book today.

*24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid any missed lessons.

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    Lessons can be paid by using cash or internet banking, details will be sent after booking.




    Lessons can be paid by using cash or internet banking, details will be sent after booking.




    Lessons can be paid by using cash or internet banking, details will be sent after booking.


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    What Our Students Say

    I booked a lesson with Ian initially. I learned a lot on the 1st one that I decided to book more lessons. Thanks for helping me pass my practical test!



    Just passed my restricted license! Thank you, Ian for helping me become more confident in front of the wheels. I booked all 5 lessons and passed my restricted license on my 1st take!



    I was really hesitant in booking for another driving lesson. The first one I took with another company was not helpful at all! Took a chance and booked with Ian - complete opposite with my first experience! Ian was very helpful and patient with me:)